In the last module, we discussed constraint classification.

This module will show you how to initiate generation mode in Optioneer. Generation mode is applicable anytime you wish to generate new corridors, even when we begin to create more complex configurations.

As discussed in the previous module, once you have assigned the desired penalties to your data layers, there are a few checks you need to do before you can start generating route options.

  1. Check your route points are not in no-go zones or highly penalised constraints.

  2. Make all of your no-go zones visible on the map view. Check that you have not created a wall between your start and end points.

  3. Ensure that you toggle on all the visibility of your highly penalised constraints (No-go zones, class 5 and class 4). If these take up a large portion of your project area then the classification should be reduced. Over-constraining the project will lead to Optioneer outputs that are not feasible in a real world scenario.

Now you are ready to run a generation case!

  1. Similar to evaluation mode, generation mode is initiated in the Setup window.

  2. For generation mode, you need to select a minimum of two points from the point list and click 'confirm points'.

  3. Select the configuration you wish to use and click 'confirm model'.

  4. Name your result and add a description.

  5. Click 'Generate'.

  6. Leave a label on the result via the Results Library.

It will take up to 30 mins for your result to be returned. You can check on its status (pending, running, complete or failed) via the project home tab (the left-most tab along the top toolbar) and in the Results Library.

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