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Optioneer Update: Winter Part 1 ❄️
Optioneer Update: Winter Part 1 ❄️

Broadening project development capabilities with the ultimate all-in-one tool.

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Easily select the most suitable sites for your project.

Streamline the process of identifying the best locations for your project with Site selection (for substations, landfalls, and anything else!). Learn more →

Quickly generate and compare corridor options.

Unlike traditional routing methods that rush towards defining a single 'best line', Early Stage Corridor Exploration allows you to quickly generate and compare multiple corridors at 1, 3, 5, 10, 20% of an optimal path. Learn more →

Maximise savings and minimise effort with intelligent infrastructure asset selection.

With cost-efficient asset allocation, Optioneer can intelligently place the most cost-efficient type of infrastructure at each point along a route, based on your preferences. Learn more →

Optimise decision-making with comprehensive themed resistance maps.

Unlike conventional, broad-stroke mapping, the resistance maps for specific constraint themes feature allows you to generate multiple distinct resistance maps, each tailored to specific stakeholder perspectives or themes. Learn more →

Unlimited linking and labelling.

By simply using the "@" symbol in any text field, you can effortlessly tag and connect various elements like people, items, comments, and more within your project. Learn more →

Categories and labels (for points, lines and polygons!)

You can now create and display labels on all geospatial features, such as points (like specific locations or coordinates), lines (such as roads, rivers, or boundaries), and polygons (areas that define regions like cities, lakes, or property boundaries). Learn more →

Introducing Single Sign-On: Streamlined & secure access.

You can now access Optioneer directly through your organisation's single sign-on system! Learn more →

Standardise configurations across your projects.

You can now copy your 'template' project configurations and apply them to other projects. For example, you can transfer your pre-defined cost and technical parameters for a 400kV line, or an 800mm diameter pipeline, from one project to another. Learn more →

Configuration templates workflow: Transferring pre-set parameters across projects.

Select and save the metrics that matter the most.

Saved metrics enable you and your team to select, store, and align on key data points vital to your project. Learn more →

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