Optioneer has two modes of working: generation and evaluation. Generation mode is discussed in the advanced training and it is usually implemented in the early stages of a project to develop strategic corridors. However, it's handy for everyone to understand evaluation mode because this will allow team members to iterate on results independently.

Evaluation and generation mode is initiated in the Setup window.

For evaluation mode, you need to select a line.

For generation mode, you need to select points, but this is covered in module 2 of advanced training.

When you have selected your line, click 'confirm points' and then select the configuration you wish to use. You may need to ask your team which configuration to use. Usually, this will contain the word 'Evaluation' in the title. If there are two, please check with your team which one is correct.

NB. Picking the wrong configuration will mean the options aren't comparable to other analyses. If you don't have a suitable configuration, complete steps 1-6 in 'Onboarding 2.1 Creating a Basic Configuration', and then return to this.

When you have selected a configuration, click 'confirm model'. Optioneer will then prompt you to name your result and add a description. We recommend adding details about the result that are significant such as a description of the configuration, start and end points or hints about a scenario that you want to explore. Once you have named it and added a brief description, click 'Evaluate'.

It will take up to 30 mins for your result to be returned. You can check on its status (pending, running, complete or failed) via the Project Home tab (to left most tab along the top toolbar) and in the Results Library. When your case is complete, you can begin module 3!

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