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Onboarding 3.0 Result Analysis Setup
Onboarding 3.0 Result Analysis Setup
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Module 3 provides you with the skills you need to analyse options in more details. If you are working with a single route, all modules may be relevant. If you are working with scenarios, combining multiple routes, then check out Module 3.4 too.

At the end of module 2, we initiated evaluation mode using a line in your project area. It will take up to 30 mins for your result to be returned. Lines that have been evaluated are described as Options, and are separate objects from lines. Editing a line in the Data Window will not alter an option, and controlling the visibility of an option is not performed through Map Controls.

You can check on its status (pending, running, complete or failed) via the Project Home page and in the Results Library. When your case is complete, you can begin analysing the results.

Setting up for Analysis

All of the analysis tools in Optioneer are found in the Analyze Window. Within the Analyze Window, there are two modes of analysis: option comparison and option analysis. But there are a few steps required before we can access them.

  • Make the results visible. Go to the Results Library and make the results you want to analyse visible. For option comparison mode, make at least two options visible.

  • Select Options. There are a couple of ways to select an option but the simplest is to click on the option, which will appear as a grey centreline on the map. Then select it from the pop-up menu in the bottom left corner.

Once the options are selected they will appear in colour and appear in the list on the right-hand side of the screen when you are in the Analyze Window.

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