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Onboarding 2.0 Evaluation Mode & Generation Mode
Onboarding 2.0 Evaluation Mode & Generation Mode
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πŸ™‹What are Optioneer's "Modes"?

Optioneer has two modes for producing results: Generation and Evaluation.

  1. Generation mode is usually implemented in the early stages of a project to develop corridors. To activate this you need to provide Optioneer with points that you would like to generate routes between.

  2. Evaluation mode provides you with the tools to quantify your project and compare important metrics of your routes and corridors. To activate this you need to provide Optioneer with lines you would like to obtain metrics for.

Evaluation mode forms the majority of route selection discussions but we have also included how to run a case in generation mode as the two are very similar. The skills covered here will allow team members to iterate on results independently.

πŸ”§ "Setting Up" a case in Optioneer

πŸš€ The process has three key steps and is initiated in the Setup Window.

❌ If you do not have the Setup Window available in the toolbar along the top of Optioneer, this may be because you do not have suitable rights to run a case. Go to the Team Management to ensure you have 'Execute' rights. ❌

  1. Select points or lines.

    This is the only difference when running an evaluation case versus a generation case in Optioneer. Select lines to run an evaluation case or select points to run a generation case.

    1. From the Setup Window, find the line(s) or points you want to evaluate listed in the lines or points tab.

    2. Click the plus sign next to each line to add individually. Alternatively, you can search for the line or point in the selection bar.

    3. NB. You can also evaluate lines in bulk- a handy feature for when you are looking at more than one scenario! Optioneer will evaluate each line individually, despite the fact they are run in bulk. The cases will all have the same name, but you can change the name of each case by using the pen icon next to the option in the Option Selection Tile.

    4. Click Confirm Line once the lines you wish to evaluate are selected

  2. Confirm Configuration

    1. Select the configuration you wish to use (you may need to ask your team which configuration this is). A configuration is a user-defined arrangement of inputs and logic used to evaluate existing lines or generate new options. When you have selected a configuration, click Confirm Model.

    2. NB. Picking the wrong configuration will mean the options aren't comparable to other analyses. If you don't have a suitable configuration, complete steps 1-6 in 'Onboarding 2.1 Creating a Basic Configuration', and then return. Get in touch with us if you need help here!

  3. Review the Case

    1. Optioneer will prompt you to name your result and add a description, see our recommended Naming Conventions.

    2. Once you have named it and added a brief description, click Evaluate.

πŸ•™ It can take up to 30 minutes for your result to be returned, though often takes under 10 minutes.

  • You can check on its status (pending, running, complete or failed) via the Project Home tab, the left-most tab along the top toolbar, and in the Case Library.

  • Alternatively, use this time to make a cup of tea or coffee... β˜•οΈ

When your case is complete, you can begin analysing your results as is demonstrated in Module 3!

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