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Onboarding 3.4 Scenarios
Onboarding 3.4 Scenarios
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Often, a project will require multiple routes or sections of routes to be considered in parallel. This can be the case if you are:

  • 🕸 Developing a network with multiple nodes.

  • 🍽 Analysing your route in distinct sections determined by pinch points.

  • 🏖 Looking to combine onshore and offshore routes.

  • 📊 Comparing combinations of routes to various nodes

These are all examples of cases where routes have to be considered in the context of a scenario. Optioneer has a few tools that can help you achieve this. In order to analyse your routes as part of a scenario, follow the next steps.

🍴 Set up your scenarios

  1. Go to the Results Library

  2. Next to the result you wish to add a scenario, click ‘Add to Scenario’

  3. Begin to type the name of your scenario and select it from the list.

  4. If you are creating a new scenario, type in the name and click in on the artists pallet icon to select a colour.

  5. Then select your scenario from the list.

The scenario will now be tagged next to your option!

🧐 View parameters relating to your scenario

  1. Go to the scenarios tab in the Results Library and click ‘Edit Columns’.

  2. Select the parameters you would like to add to the table from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

  3. Click ‘Export’ to export the table as a .csv!

  4. Click ‘Done’ when you are finished editing the columns.

🔎 Compare the results

  1. In the Results Library, select the options you wish to compare. Routes that are not selected will not appear in the next steps. This is the case even if the rest of the routes in the scenario are selected.

  2. Go to the Analyse Window and select ‘Group by Scenario’.

  3. Select the parameters you wish to view in the stack chart.

🧠 Things to know about comparing scenarios

  • Only the selected options will appear in the stack chart. If you haven’t selected all routes belonging to a scenario, the stack chart will not reflect the total impact of the scenario.

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