Before working in Optioneer, it is important that you are aware of the following:

🚫 Deleting results, points, lines, configurations or polygons is permanent.

Deleting these Objects / Project Features deletes them for you and everyone in the project area.

  • Here are some recommended ways to minimise the risk of mistaken deletion.

    • Through the Data window, you can export all Points, Lines and Polygons for a local backup.

    • Through the Option Library, you can export all Options for a local backup.

    • Make copies of Points, Lines or Polygons if you wish to edit them (via three-dot menu).

    • Do not delete anything until you are sure that you and the team do not require them.

πŸ—£ Use descriptions and comments.

  • When you add a Point, Line, or Polygon or run an analysis on Optioneer you will have the option to provide a description.

  • We advise you to provide details such as why it was actioned, who approved the action and reference any relevant document or correspondence. This helps track decisions.

If you notice anything worth mentioning here, let us know! But for now, let's move on:

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