In the previous module, 'Analysing Results', we introduced you to the tools that allow you to understand an option or corridor. During the course of the project, you will likely have some ideas about how to improve it.

Carry out the following steps to improve a route option and obtain the updated metrics.

  1. Get the correct line - there are two ways of doing this:

    1. Manually drawn line: in the case that the line you want to edit is already in the list of lines in the Data window, make a copy of the line. This is done by clicking on the three dots next to the line you wish to copy, updating the name and description and clicking copy. This will create an exact copy of the original line that you can make changes to. You can also edit the original line, but we don't advise this for live projects.

    2. Extracted from Optioneer results: have the result you wish to iterate on visible and selected. Go to the 'Analyze' window and click on the three dots next to the result and click 'Extract Centreline'. Create a name and add a description and click save. The line will now be visible in the list of lines in the Data window.

  2. Update the Centreline:

    1. Select your new line from the list in the Data window and click 'Edit'.

    2. Toggle the accuracy of the centreline. If you want to preserve all of the details, keep it high. If you would like to reduce the number of waypoints, reduce it.

    3. Click on the red dots to move them. If you want to create new waypoints on the line, select the yellow that is in the centre of the red dots.

    4. When you have refined the line, update the description and refine the centreline'.

  3. Leave a Comment

    It is good practice to leave a comment to explain the purpose of the update. Remember to leave the names of the lines or results you are referring to in the comment.

  4. Run the Analysis

    Go to the Setup window and select your updated line. Select your configuration, name your result and add a description.

When the analysis is complete you can use the tools in Option Comparison to understand how your updates have affected the impact of the centreline.

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