This section discusses the basic functionality of Optioneer.

How to Add, Edit and Delete Points, Lines or Polygons

  • Adding & Editing Points

    Points are used to define the start, end or waypoints along a route. Optioneer doesn't process these as a constraint. They are added, edited, copied or deleted in the Data window.

  • Adding & Editing Lines

    Lines determine the location of a centreline. Optioneer doesn't process these as a constraint. They are added, uploaded, edited, copied or deleted in the Data window.

  • Toggling Visibility of Points, Lines and Polygons

    In the Data window on the left-hand side, there are three tabs: points, lines and polygons. By clicking on the tab, a list of all the objects of that type will appear. Here you can toggle the visibility of individual objects.

    • NB. Objects will not appear if the object type is not visible via the Map Controls (see 'Functionality in Map View' section above).

  • Adding Comments

    Comments are useful to track changes in a project, log information that isn't available in GIS format and communicate with team members. Comments can be placed on the map or on the project home.
    You can reply to comments and form threads, search for keywords in comments and move comments. In map view, select the comment icon in the left-hand toolbar to view the comments as a list. Hovering over a comment in the list will allow you to select the 'fly to' icon and the menu. The 'fly to' tool takes you to the location of the comment on the map.

    The menu allows you to carry out three actions:

    • Show thread

      This allows you to view any responses to the comment.

    • Copy link

      This feature creates a URL linked to that comment. When the URL is selected, providing the individual has access to the project, Optioneer will open in map view at the location of the comment. The URL can be placed in reports or can be used to refer colleagues to a particular comment.

    • Edit

      If the comment is your comment, and it has not been replied to you will be able to edit the comment.

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