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We have collated some of the questions our customers most frequently ask so that you can access them easily. If you are looking for something that isn't on this list, let us know via the intercom icon in the bottom right-hand corner.

🗺 General

Is Optioneer backed up?

Yes, Optioneer is backed up every night. If you do delete something by accident that you need, please contact us ASAP and we will do our best to restore it for you. Unfortunately, this will not always be possible.

Are we able to keep discounted results?

Yes! Optioneer can also act as a platform for you to store your discounted options and refer to them when you need to. Remember to let new team members know to not delete them and label them appropriately in the results library.

How are different GIS layers taken into account?

Optioneer doesn't intrinsically judge or perceive any GIS layers or their attributes. Optioneer determines if a constraint is good or bad to traverse, and how bad it is to traverse based on the user inputs. Here are some examples,

  • If you would like Optioneer to avoid woodlands you need to provide the dataset and let it know you would like to avoid it by assigning it a high penalty or class.

  • If you would like Optioneer to avoid ancient woodlands and woodlands to different extents, Optioneer will require a dataset for ancient woodlands and woodlands. These will require being assigned penalties proportional to how undesirable they are to route through.

  • If you would like Optioneer to return metrics for coniferous and broadleaved woodlands, Optioneer will require a dataset for coniferous woodlands and broadleaved woodlands.

🪀 Common Workflows

Check out the list below if you are looking to complete a task in Optioneer. These will take you directly to the onboarding module you need!

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